Bärenreiter Otterstedt, Annette The Viol

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Subtitle: History of an Instrument
ISBN: 978-3-7618-1151-1
Translator: Reiners, Hans

How strange the tone of these old istruments - men must have been half crickets when this music satisfied them! Applied to well-known persons living in the Golden Age of the noble viola da gamba family, such as Queen Elzabeth I, the pirate Sir Francis Drake and the ruffian Essex, the term "crickets" is intriguing. but they did love viols. In the opinion of many in today`s musical world there would be no need for viols. The instrument is regarded as a - slightly contemptible - would-be cello. Which is what it was, and should be, least of all. So why not get the instrument`s own sory, together with what Elizabethan courtiers and European contemporaries thought about it? This book is a compendium and a practical guide for musicians and music lovers alike, putting a great many problems and questions relating to the viol, and music in general, into perspective. There is ample material concerning such topics as the great gamba players, the history of viol construction including regional developments, the musical role of viols, reconstructions and forgeries, and the practical aspects of viol playing.
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